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Little Star Higher Secondary School Dimapur Nagaland

Eco Club

" It is the human earth that we defile,

Our hells of fore and dust outrage the innocence

of air that is everywhere our own.............'

                                                      James Kirkup

The Eco-club was set up in the year 2004 with 34 members from various classes. The club has been trying to create awareness among the people as well as students about their immediate envioronment and environmental issues. It also successfully celebrates various programmes every year to improvise the ailing condition of the environment. The members of the club are very energetic to discharge their duties in the club. The club is also assisted by the District Pollution Control Board, Dimapur, Nagaland.

This year the Research Group of the club has been working on a project on ' Vehicular Pollution and its Impact on People" which is a great concern for all the Dimapurians. The club also took various Cleanliness Drive in Dimapur. The members are also engaged in various social activities like helping the poor children who are in orphanages, planting trees on the places where deforestation is taking place.

Future Plan:

The club is planning to go for a Educational Excursion outside Nagaland in order to understand the ecological issues that degrade our envioronment. The members of this club will have their own uniform to during the club's activity time.

Finance: The club is granted Rs 2500 every year by the state authority to carry out all the programmes. It is the members and the Administrator who bear the extra expences to keep the club afloat. Money never becomes an obstacle for the club because the school believes "To do a work we don't need a huge amount of money but sincerity, commitment and dedication"

Achievements: Though the motive of the club is to create a better world for our next generation not awards, yet the club was awarded the Second Prize in the year 2005 for its services by the District Administration.

This is the beginning only. The club has to go far with its young members. It is our responsibility to create a better future for our next generation.

 The Members cleaning the DC Office in Dimapur